Windows 10 to Bring Unity

A new Start menu, apps, Cortana integration and Edge Browser are some of the multiple range of Windows 10 features introduced. Microsoft has stopped the sale of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 Pro to the PC makers, making sure that Windows 10 will ultimately be the only choice for new PC in the years ahead. In the year 2014 surprised everyone with Window 10 when everyone was expecting a next generation of windows. This OS is available for tablets, smartphones, laptops and PCs. Windows 10 is the ultimate operating system for servers and anything else in between.

One Interface

With cloud and mobile computing as the target, this OS has been built from the ground up. According to execs from the company, Windows 10 is built user friendly and is ideal for mouse and keyboard users, but is also optimised for those who enjoy a good touch pad. The same interface will be used on all devices that have 4 to 80 inch displays in order to encourage one store, one platform, one product family. It is also worth noting that Windows 10 is the most beta-tested product, having been tested by more than 4 million people, before it was ultimately launched for users.

Noticeable Differences

However, this does not mean that everyone will be happy with everything that the phone has to offer. In fact most people will be irritated with the forced updates and privacy issues. While other will not be happy with the control panel or the setting app, let alone the new Start menu. But most people will simply ignore these minor grips and the new features, new apps and other improvement will make the upgrade totally worth it. It was also announced in 2016 that Microsoft acquired Xamarin which played an important role in giving developers the opportunity to produce apps that runs on the OS easily.

A New Start

The Start menu which comprised of the standard windows app and windows software has been improved as it holds features that you can find use for and you will also be able to view the most-used apps when you click on it. Microsoft has kept its Windows 8 Start screen intact that gives you immediate access to calendar appointments and unread mails. Another concept that has been adopted from the Windows Phone is the use of pins to add shortcuts. However, it is the way we use the pins that is really important. You will be able to pin tiles that are shortcuts to features inside the apps or specific functions which will be more useful than simply pinning the app itself.

Since its release, Windows 10 download has had several updates over the years among which the Edge added to Windows Hello is one of the most crucial update. As of May 2015, Edge browser extensions and Wi-Fi Sense being axed are two updates that you cannot afford to miss. Moreover, the additional games that come with every update is worth the wait.

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