Linux Mint for Windows and Others

A comfortable, elegant and modern operating system that is easy to use and powerful is the Linux Mint. The community-driven Linux distribution provides multimedia support and also has a range of open and free source applications.

Editions of Linux Mint

There are many editions that are based on Ubuntu and Debian. They are as follows:

Ubuntu-based editions: Since Linux Mint 13, the core development team have developed 2 major editions where one uses MATE and the other uses Cinnamon as desktop environment. They have also developed editions that feature Xfce and KDE desktop environments. Some older release (that don’t exist in today’s market) have featured Fluxbox, LXDE and GNOME.

  • OME Version: This version was provided for the manufactures and was later discontinued so that the ISO images could be maintained. Those who wish to perform OEM install can now do so though the live CD boot menu.
  • No Codecs Version: For companies, magazine and distributors in Japan, USA and countries where the legislation applies, the distribution provided the “No Codecs” version.

Debian-based editions:

Rather than using Ubunt, a Debian package base is used in this Debian-based edition. Though the LMDE was based on Debian’s Testing brunch, it was built to give a similar functionality as that of the Ubuntu-based editions. However, when compared with the Ubuntu based editions, there are some advantages as well as disadvantages in LMDE. They are as follows:

  • Ubuntu is more user friendly and desktop ready than Debian, with some better outlook.
  • LMDE require more experience and deeper knowledge with Debian package management and Linux.
  • LMDE is more responsive and also quicker when compared with Ubuntu-based editions.

LMDE 1 and LMDE 2

The actual LMDE is called LMDE 1 which has Update Packs introduced periodically as a semi-rolling release development model. When you install the Update Packs you will not have to reinstall the system once in every six months as your system will be current. It was later upgraded to LMDE 2. Popularly called Betsy, LMDE 2 is the current LMDE version and was released in 2015. Though it is Debian-based, it also receives automatic updates whenever latest versions are available. They are used in both Cinnamon as well as MATE desktop environment.

Linux Mint has reached a large scale of people since in introduction. In fact, in 2012, a poll at lifehacker saw that Linux Mint was chosen as the second best Linux distribution. It was also listed by DitroWatch that Linux Mint is the most viewed page there. In order to use Linux Mint, all you need is a pen drive and a laptop as it can be booted and run from the USB flash. Microsoft has also paved way for it by provided an installer “Mint4Win” that gives Windows users to install Linux Mint within the OS. You can remove the OS later on, similar to the Wubi installer that is used for Ubuntu.  Linux Mint download is easy and the Linux mint features are also enjoyable.

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