Top 3 Free Video Editing Softwares

  • VirtualDub Video editing software

In fact VirtualDub is the video processing or video capture utility for 64 bit and 32 bit windows platforms and it has licensed under GNU General Public License. Actually it is the general purpose of the editor like Adobe premiere and this video editing software is streamlined the fast linear options. Basically it has the batch processing capabilities so that it can process huge numbers of the files. This kind of the editor specially designed for Microsoft windows but it could run on Mac OS X and Linux. It is operated exclusive on the AVI files and 1.7.2 version allows the people to import other formats of files. In fact it supports both video for windows and DirectShow. It has excellent capture features like AVI variant, Overlay, histogram, voice noise reduction and auto stop settings. One of the studies says that is the top free video editing softwares because it is editing the video in an effective manner. It comes with the huge numbers of video editing components like filters. It performs certain basic tasks like converting video to grayscale, crop or arbitrary rotation.

  • Avidemux video editing software

Avidemux is the open source and free video editing software which is especially designed for simple filtering, encoding and cutting tasks. In fact it has capable of non linear video applying technique so that you can apply some visual effects to the video. This video editor is supporting most of the formats like MP4, AVI, H.265, H.264 and matroska. It is written in C++ and it uses the interface either Qt or GTK+. It is not only supporting traditional format but also it supports modern open video formats like WebM, VP9, VP8, Opus and AV1. It is considered as the best video editing softwares for pc because it was specially designing for windows operating system. In a modern world many of the people interest to use this video editor because it is available in online with free of cost.

  • Lightworks video editing software

Lightworks is the professional NLE (Non linear editing system) for mastering and editing digital video at various formats like 4K and 2K solutions. It is developed in the year of 1989 and this program is currently available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. In fact free version of the Lightworks video editing software comes with the numbers of the features like real-time effects and advanced multicam editing. This kind of the video editor has the ability to import the huge range of the file types. It has intuitive and simple user interface and it converts more than 256 videos. People can easily access this software. People might download this video editor with free of cost and it is the open source video editing software. This software is developed by EditShare LLC and it supporting certain operating systems like windows, Linux and OS X. Most of the films and television series is used this software to edit video and luckily this kind of the software is coming with the free of cost so that anyone can download this software from online.
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